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Hi Im Sue. Some say im Skanky. I would have
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Hi Im Sue. Some say im Skanky. I would have to agree. When i think about all the nasty shit i have done in my past, Skanky just seems to fit.   

What kind of shit have i done you ask? Well i gave a random stranger a hand job on the bus the other day. He wasnt even that good looking. He just looked lke he needed a hand. Haha

I love to role play and have no limits. We can talk about anything.

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Im Skanky Sue. Got my name in the 8th grade. I needed attention and found the best ways to get it was to put out. I loved masterbating under my desk. Its really contagous. One time i had about half the class spanking it under thier desk. LOL. I really know how to start a trend. Now that im older, i like to take more risk. I onced gave a man a blow job on the Metro. There were like 3 guys recording it on thier cell phones. I didnt care. I was a little tipsy and i was thirsty. Boy did that guy ever quench my thirst. Too bad my stop was coming up after i sucked him off. Otherwise i would of sucked the other two guys that were standing over me. They were jacking off thier cocks about to cum. "Sorry guys.. My stop is here and my boyfriend is waiting for me to dont follow me." Im such a filthy sakanky little whore. Ill do it with anyone anytime anywhere!! And thats why you love me. =)

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