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My friends and family say im crazy. I disagr
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My friends and family say im crazy. I disagree. I think Im just misunderstood. I was suspended from school for masturbating under my desk. I was horny. What was I suppose to do? I tried to do the right thing and asked for a bathroom pass but Mr. Jones was being a dick and said no.

Well I showed him. I played with my little wet cunt until I came and squirted all over the classroom floor! Haha! Now he will have to clean up my hot wet mess. It was awesome. I even got an applause with a standing ovation from the other students. Now tell me? Am I really Crazy? Or just super fucking horny?

Im Cassie, Thanks for reading.

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I pushed him down, then i fucked him! haha!! Ya that's right. Pay backs a bitch, and so am I. See what happened was I asked my gay Neighbor to go to the store for me and bring me back a honey bun and a Pepsi. I told him he could have the change as he has an addiction to crack. Butt crack, not the drug. lol. Anyways, that little pansy came back with a honey bun and a coke! I said Pepsi Bitch! I was so angry that i pushed him down from my front porch and he fell a great distance and couldn't get up. I think he twisted his ankle or something. I watched him scream and squirm for a while. It some how made up for his idiotic mistake. My mood started to change from anger to intense joy. Then i realized this little sissy faggot couldnt stand up. hahaha ha, So I came down to him and unzipped that little queers pants and I sucked his dick. He got so hard that i was starting to question if he was really gay. He told me to stop but when i saw that he was rock hard, I knew he meant to say please sit on my dick. So I did. I rode his sissy cock until he creamed in me. I sat there for a minute and ate my honey bun. He just layed there and whined "I said no" and i replied, "and I said Pepsi bitch!"

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