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Hey guys. Im Josie. Im just in it for me really
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Hey guys. Im Josie. Im just in it for me really. See I just want my pussy to creme everyday. I dont really care if you get off or not. I mean if you do, (and im sure you will) Thats all gravy! But my main goal is to have guys steadily knocking on my door waiting to penetrate my sweet ass and pussy.

My therapist says its cuz im lonely, depressed and i seek validation and attention. I say the only thing im seeking is Cock!! Haha. I dont know, maybe the quack is right. Maybe i need someone to love me and care for me so i can stop placing all these Craigslist ads to get laid. But fuck! I cant lie, all the random sex is awesome. Sometimes I will place ads all day long and never get out of bed unless its to pee of poop the cum out my butt. but then all of a sudden... out of no where.... the shame and guilt begins to wash over me. But then i just say a few hail marys and place another ad and i feel much better.

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