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Hi lover. My name is Marissa. Im a sexy 18 year ol
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Hi lover. My name is Marissa. Im a sexy 18 year old Latina. Not to be conceited but thats what they tell me. lol. So anyways, let me tell you a little about me. Im from California, born and raised. I work part time as a cashier and also babysit for my older sister. Im really a nice girl. One time i saw a homeless man on the street who was begging for a dollar. I felt so bad that i gave him a pity hand job in the alley across the way. He was so grateful and paid me 5 dollars! It was a good day. Ok... I totally just made that up . LMAO! When im not working i like to sign on my naughty line and talk to guys. When i first started i was so naive. I didn't know what Cuckold was, nor did i know what Bukakke, Accomplice, or No Taboo was. Now i do know and i love all of those subjects and more. The idea of my sweet barely legal young wet pussy getting pounded in a gang bang really gets me erotically charged. Oh and dont even get me started on the idea of a bunch of horny dudes circled all around me just waiting to bust their honey nut spermy o's all over my pretty naked teen body. Mmmmm... Makes me thirsty. I definitely have NO Limits when is comes to having fun. I mean why limit your self. Some of my favorite things to do is age play and role play because you can do so much with it. I can pretend to be your bitchy girlfriend, or maybe a sexy mistress? How bout an evil Accomplice who loves to play on the edge? I love doing it all as long as we both are having fun. Im at my best when i know you are enjoying the call. If your close to coming id appreciate you telling me so i can work my pussy with you. I love to come with men at the same time and i love it when men dont hold back. Let it out baby! Let me hear you cum hard!!! My final thoughts are.. If you decide not to call me right now, please add me as one of your favorites so that we might be able to enjoy each others company later. Remember, Im Marissa, Your Naughty Latina Teenage Cum Whore Love Marissa

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