What is Ignore Phone Sex?

I have been a professional fone whore for a while now. And one thing I just dont get is the niche “ignore” Phone sex. I mean what the fuck isthat?  Do you call me and I put you on speaker phone while I do the dishes?

No really.. Can someone please tell me?

Im not knocking it, i just want to understand what you guys get out of it? I mean i’d love to be able to collect your money while i do my chores. But i just cant comprehend why anyone would wanna pay for that.

Maybe your hoping to hear me have phonesex or real sex with someone else? Even though I ignore you, you can still get your dick wet hearing me play with my hot young wet teenage pussy. Is that it? Is that what this ignore fetish is all about? Me ignoring you while you get to eavesdrop on my daily personal life?

Im looking forward to anyone who enjoys this or who understands the concept. Please explain it to me. Thanks guys.   Luv Crime Scene Sally  =)




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